How to care for your indoor plants during winters1

Once winter hits it’s time to change your plant care routine slightly12.


Indoor plants need less water in winter, as the cold weather slows down plant growth, reducing the intake of water required for growth.  Try cutting watering down to half the amount you do in the warmer months.  If your are watering an indoor plant weekly step it back to fortnightly.  Some of the top soil of plants may look dry due to indoor heating etc., however the soil below will more than likely be moist.  If you’re not sure poke your finer in 2cm if dry to touch then water, if you feel some moisture leave alone until you check next week (or invest in a water meter).


Check your plants are not in the direct path of heating.  You may also need to move some plants closer to the window to ensure they are getting enough light in the darker months.


Hold off until spring as most plants are dormant.


There are exceptions to every rule, if you’re not sure please message and I’ll give you some horticultural advice.

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